Roxanne started out alone in bed with her dildo but soon got company from a black dude that was more than willing to help her out.


Turns out he had a huge fucking cock so she tossed away her toy and concentrated on that instead! First she sucked him, even though she could barely fit the tip in her mouth. She was in the mood for something extra today so after getting her punani penetrated she asked him to move his cock to her second chamber which he did gladly!


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As the title suggest this is not the only scene she did for Jizz Bomb, so stay tuned for that! It never hurts to bookmark :)


Roxanne gives a sexy striptease before she is ready to take on two stiff cocks. She starts off by sucking them both at the same time but figured it was better for all of them if she stuck one of the cocks in her wet twat.


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It was new years eve and Roxanne was in mood for some partying. She was so buzzed that her boyfriend managed to convince her to do some anal sex with him.


She flashed her thong outdoors and got down on her knees and sucked his dick. They didn't want their neighbors to spot them so they went inside and continued in bed. He drilled her pussy and fingered her asshole as a warm-up. Then he fired his penis into her tight anus and pounded her hard, making her scream out loud!


























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Roxanne is tutoring the jailbird Wesley Pipes. He's not interested in education but when he saw how hot his teacher was he decided to give it a shot. In the middle of it he grabbed her hand and put it on his crotch. She could feel his large dick through the pants and was quite shocked about the whole thing. She was intrigued as well and didn't stop him from feeling her up.


He gets her dress off so we can see her delicious ass in a g-string. Then he shows her his monstercock and she sucks it like a good girl. He pounds her pussy for a while before he decides to shove it into her asshole and stretches it to the max!






































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Roxanne shows her boobies to gain access to the Cumfiesta mansion. This has been the entrance password for years and all the young babes know this. They know they will get a good round of fucking in this mansion and so was the case with Roxanne.


She strips down to her thong and that's when she gets jumped by some horndog. He wanna fuck right now and don't want to wait for her to remove her last piece of clothing. He gets his BJ then bangs her with her g-string on. It goes off after a while but he still has strength in him to pound the living shit out of this young gal.






























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It took me a while before I discovered the BTS stuff at Teenfidelity. I had never thought it was anything interesting there, but I was deadly wrong! A lot of the times there is bonus blowjobs etc that's not displayed on the main update. Another reason to renew my membership at this site!


Hope you like these Behind The Scenes pics of Roxanne Rae, cause I sure as hell did. She looked much better without the body paint! Also check out her tight buns in that sexy thong, I'd like to slap it! Okay go ahead now, check out these nice photos :)



















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